Bryanston Market en Afrique du Sud (Avaclim)

Bryanston Market en Afrique du Sud (Avaclim)

AVACLIM factsheets are presenting the history and characteristics of Agroecological Initiatives throughout the world. They also contain an analysis of the agroecology level of the initiatives, using 10 criterias.

The Bryanston Market is a reliable and transparent organic guarantee system for farmers and consumers to enable smallholder farmers to participate in the benefits of the Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) and to promote organic agriculture.

Bryanston Market PGS was established in 2005. It is a community based organic assurance system that enables market access for smallholder organic farmers. The area of the farms of members varies greatly: from small backyard gardens to farms on land up to 12 hectares in extent. However, they all share their commitment to organic agriculture and to their community. The label “Natural Assurance” means the farmers production practices and records have been assessed by the Bryanston Market PGS group and are compliant with organic agriculture principles.


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