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CARI, an international solidarity association founded in 1998, works with rural populations around the Sahara. Our mission is to support small-scale farming in order to tackle food crises, promote the development of local populations and combat desertification and land degradation in arid zones.

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The PASS-LCD project, run by CARI in partnership with ENDA Pronat in Senegal and the members of the Sahel Desertification Network, is the first phase of a 9-year programme aimed at promoting...
Last February, the NATAE (North African Transition to AgroEcology) project manager undertook a mission to Laghouat, Algeria. The Laghouat oasis is one of the 6 "living labs" in the NATAE project. These living...
Occitanie Coopération has published its second fOcus on agroecology. This dossier was co-produced with CARI and other players in international cooperation and solidarity based in Occitanie. ...

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Le rapport d'activité est en ligne ! Découvrez les activités réalisées en 2023 ...
The national Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development, the private sector, large-scale commercial farmers,...
In the Western Cape farmers produce from communities in areas within the Kuils River catchment area,...

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GTD, a French network of international solidarity players

The Groupe de Travail Désertification is a French network of international solidarity actors involved in the fight against desertification. It brings together NGOs, scientists, private organizations and local authorities.

Together, its members aim to mobilize public opinion, strengthen concerted action by development stakeholders and influence decision-makers.

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