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Together, let's give people in arid lands a future!

You too can help raise awareness of the challenges of sustainable development and support innovative initiatives aimed at food security and combating land degradation. Your support is invaluable!

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Your donation can make a difference

Are you concerned by the issues of land degradation and safeguarding our food heritage? Every donation strengthens CARI's actions. It's thanks to your support that we can diversify our resources and sustain concrete achievements wherever we operate.

Your benefits as a donor :

Tax deduction

For example, a donation of €40 will only cost you €13.60 after the 66% tax reduction, and will contribute directly to our actions.

Exclusive information

Like our members, you'll be among the first to hear about CARI and its networks.

The site to which you will be redirected is 100% secure. The association's accounts are audited and certified by an auditor.

Our annual activity and financial reports can be consulted online or sent on request.

Your membership is precious to us!

Joining CARI enables you to support the association financially, but above all to support our missions and actions. You'll receive exclusive information and have a right of representation at the Annual General Meeting.

By joining, you support our ideas while taking part in a civic movement. Joining CARI means, above all, joining a group of motivated people united around strong common values such as humanism, solidarity and mutual aid.


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If you are not a fan of the web
Download the paper form to send to:
12 rue du Courreau
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