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One of CARI's strengths is its network of partners in France and abroad, including private companies.

CARI is involved in, and drives, collective dynamics to influence policies and advance methods for combating desertification. The private sector can play a role in the development of arid zones, particularly by supporting entrepreneurship among local players.

More than corporate philanthropy

Convinced that philanthropy goes beyond mere financial support to initiate exchanges between the two worlds of international solidarity and the private sector, CARI develops special links with each company to make each involvement a story in its own right.

Why become a patron of CARI?

Corporate philanthropy should be an encounter between an association and a company that shares common values. Today, we can no longer - and must no longer - turn a blind eye to environmental issues. It's no longer a question of the commitment of a few isolated associations or activists; it's a collective story that we need to write together. These issues also transcend national borders, and the issues and solutions are local, national and international.

CARI is a small organization, it's true, but it's a professional structure, capable of working in the field with local players in many countries, and also at the highest level, within the international bodies of the United Nations, to drive forward discussions on sustainable land management and agro-ecological transition.

We are not known to the general public, but we are known and recognized by our peers, and by the national and international institutions in which we operate.

Corporate support is important to CARI for several reasons:

Financial Support

We won't hide the fact that without funding, our action would not be the same. CARI manages to mobilize national and international funding. But these never finance 100% of a project, and are often conditional on obtaining other funding. This is another reason why sponsorship is so important, as it enables us to validate the entire financing package.

Technical Support

Associations have many skills, but certainly not all. Certain technical skills can be provided by companies. We also need to support the development of entrepreneurship in the areas where we operate. CARI can help with this development, but the experience of a company would have a greater impact.

"Political" Support

All support, whatever it may be, strengthens our actions, particularly our advocacy activities. The more we speak with one voice on national and international stages, the greater the impact of our recommendations.

How to become a patron of CARI?

It's a story we want to write together. So, if you're interested in this approach, we'd like to start by talking to you to define the outlines of a partnership that would be beneficial to everyone.

For all legal information regarding philanthropy, you can consult the following page: https://entreprendre.service-public.fr/vosdroits/F22263

We look forward to hearing from you!