The Heiveld Cooperative en Afrique du Sud (Avaclim)

Banniere fiche initiative heiveild en afrique du sud pour le projet avaclim

The Heiveld Cooperative en Afrique du Sud (Avaclim)

The Mission of the Heiveld Cooperative is to produce and market the finest organic rooibos tea at fair prices on behalf of our members and thereby create a better life for small scale farmers and other members of our community.
The primary business of the Cooperative is to process and market the organic and Fairtrade certified rooibos tea of its members to trading companies, most of which are in the global north. In order to support its primary business and achieve its mission, the Heiveld provides a number of supplementary services to its members including training in organic and sustainable production, provision of organic farming inputs, an internal organic control system.
Practices used by Heiveld farmers to improve soil and water management include the establishment of mulched and vegetated buffer zones, mulching the rooibos fields, using cereals as nursery crops in cultivated rooibos lands, and construction of contour bunds in cultivated lands and on roads to enhance infiltration of rainwater and prevent soil erosion
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