Success for the Désertif’actions 2022 press cartoon competition
Exposition du concours de dessin de presse

Success for the Désertif’actions 2022 press cartoon competition

For its 4th drawing competition, the organizers of Désertif’actions 2022, in partnership with France Cartoons, wanted to deal with a highly topical issue in countries of both the South and the North: “Land and drought”. This theme follows “la terre fait son climat” in Montpellier in 2015, “terres et climat le temps d’agir” in Strasbourg in 2017 and “dessines moi la Grande Muraille Verte” in Ouagadougou in 2019.

Many artists responded to the call for entries, with over 400 drawings received from artists from nearly 60 countries. The 30 best drawings selected by the jury, chaired by Jean-Michel Renault, were exhibited at the Désertif’actions 2022 Summit from October 05 to 08, 2022.

First and second prizes were also announced at the Summit.

1er prix : Victor Solí – Mexique du concours de dessin de presse Desertif'actions 2022
1er prix : Victor Solí – Mexique
2eme prix : Toso Borkovic – Serbie du concours de dessin de presse de Desertif'actions 2022
2eme prix : Toso Borkovic – Serbie

Land and drought The international press cartoon competition

The “Land and Drought” international press cartoon competition used the prism of drought to illustrate the role and place of land and soil in the functioning of the earth’s ecosystem, climate regulation, food security, the maintenance of biodiversity and, more generally, in all life on earth and its well-being. Droughts, their impacts and how they are dealt with, expose mankind’s lack of awareness, indifference and even contempt for the earth and its soils. Yet global warming, loss of biodiversity, food insecurity and many other threats, all linked to ongoing land degradation, have taken a worrying turn for the worse, increasing inequality and poverty and threatening the future of human societies.

Through humor, derision, irony or enthusiasm, as only a drawing can do, the aim is to highlight all the paradoxes, inconsistencies, ignorance, evasiveness, contempt or human arrogance expressed in the way we treat land and soil in both urban and rural areas. But also all the hopes, commitments, courage, initiatives and solutions such as agroecology, which are the seeds of a change already underway for a viable earth and future.

Competition Jury

Photographie du Jury du concours de dessin de presse Desertif'actions2022

Jean-Michel Renault, président du jury Dessinateur de presse (Pilote, TF1, Sportmag, Midi Libre, L’Agglorieuse ” etc.), auteur de bandes dessinées, éditeur (” L’Annuel du Dessin de Presse ” de 2010 à 2013 ; puis ” Non de deux ! “), auteur notamment de “Censure et caricatures, l’histoire du dessin de Presse en France”, président de l’association “La Maison d’Anastasie” (aussi “Ouste Anastasie !”). Il est également connu pour la création d’un “Musée international du dessin de presse et de la liberté d’expression” dans la prison historique de Montpellier.

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