Oasis women, builders of development and creators of value

Oasis women, builders of development and creators of value

Overall objective

The objective of the PROFOB project is to support the emancipation of oasis women in the municipalities of Atar and Tawaz (i) socially by making sure they are taken into account in the territorial governance processes, and (ii) economically by helping them to better structure their cooperatives and microenterprises, and to better integrate into value chains.

Specific intervention area

The project is taking place in the municipalities of Atar and Tawaz, located in the Adrar administrative region in Mauritania. Situated in the north of the country, this region is the main date-producing region in Mauritania. In the region, the oases housing the palm groves are an identity reference for the local population more than in any other region of the country where date farming is practiced. However, the oasis agroecosystems are threatened due to increasingly pressing constraints.

Project objectives

1. To improve women’s ability to speak out on development issues in the intervention areas and to ensure their voices are heard by improving women’s representation in local consultative and decision-making bodies;
2. To improve women’s participation in the economic development of the two municipalities of intervention, support entrepreneurial initiatives, and facilitate their access to employment and economic opportunities.

Key figures

women entrepreneurs and 60 cooperative leaders trained in leadership


5 video clips and 5 portraits produced to promote the role of women in local industries


individual enterprises financed and supported in starting their activities


female cooperatives financed and supported in developing their activities (a total of 600 members).

Main activities carried out

– Conducting studies (gender-oriented value chain diagnosis, the role of women in local governance);
– Sensitization activities (production of videos and portraits, coordination of multi-stakeholder dialogue frameworks, etc.);
– Capacity building (training, discussion circles, workshops, etc.);
– Technical and financial support for individual and collective entrepreneurial initiatives;
– Advisory/support to women with initiatives for access to microfinance.

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Country and/or area of intervention

Mauritanie – Communes d’Atar et Tawaz

Project date

Avril 2022 à Mars 2025



450 000 €


Financial backers