Support for the sustainable development of the Adrar oases in Mauritania

Support for the sustainable development of the Adrar oases in Mauritania

Overall objective

The project aims to build the capacity of civil society organisations in the oasis communities so that they can take an effective stance on the issue of safeguarding and developing the oasis ecosystems in the wilaya of Adrar in northern Mauritania. In practical terms, this will be achieved by mobilising oasis stakeholders around the theme of oasis-based agricultural sectors, targeted training, technical and financial support for women and young people, and the inclusion of sustainable oasis development in local governance.

Specific intervention area

The project is taking place in the communes of Atar and Aoujeft, in the wilaya (administrative region) of Adrar in Mauritania. Located in the north of the country, this wilaya is Mauritania’s main wine-growing wilaya. In this region, the oases housing the palm groves are a reference point for the identity of the local population, more so than in any other region of the country where phoeniculture is practised. However, the oasis agro-ecosystems are under threat from increasingly severe constraints.


Project objectives
  • To sustainably strengthen local initiatives to safeguard and develop the oasis system in the municipalities concerned
  • To provide technical and financial support for oasis-based agricultural sectors in the communes of Atar and Aoujeft
Key figures

cooperatives and 4 AGPOs informed and sensitised


individual microenterprises created and/or consolidated by young women


school fields set up and run


oasis producers trained

Main activities carried out
  • Training workshops on administrative and financial management of businesses, access to micro-credit and technical subjects related to the oasis farming sector;
  • Technical and financial support for oasis-based agricultural micro-businesses;
  • Information and awareness-raising campaign on the development challenges facing oasis areas.
  • Territorial analysis and stakeholder mapping
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Country and/or area of intervention

Mauritania (Communes Atar and Aoujeft)

Project date

April 2024 to April 2027



400 000€


Financial backers

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