Launch of the Laghouat Living Lab
Groupe de personne ayant participé au lancement du living lab de laghouat

Launch of the Laghouat Living Lab

The El Argoub association, CARI’s partner in the NATAE project (Fostering Agroecological Transition in North Africa), organised the launch day of the Laghouat living laboratory (Algeria) on 26 October 2023.

This day is a key moment: it aims to communicate about the NATAE project and activities to a wider group of stakeholders in the living laboratory, in a warm and dynamic atmosphere.

The course of the day

groupe de vaches

In Laghouat, 29 stakeholders from the agricultural community of the oasis and peri-oasis system were invited and present at the event. After a brief presentation of the NATAE project, the participants were divided into two groups who successively visited three farms dedicated to date palm cultivation, arboriculture, viticulture, fodder and cereal crops, as well as various livestock such as dairy cattle, sheep and goats.

Visiting these farms enabled participants to appreciate the diversity of the landscapes and to discuss the opportunities and challenges specific to each type of farming activity, particularly with regard to irrigation and agro-ecological practices.

This was followed by a plenary session, where questions and answers and very fruitful discussions highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of each production system from different angles: farming practices, socio-economic and environmental performance.

Photo de groupe lors d'un atelier du Living Lab de Laghouat

The meeting ended with a convivial, good-humoured lunch, and a rich exchange of ideas and contacts for possible future meetings.

To find out more about NATAE : https://www.natae-agroecology.eu/about/

If you would like to subscribe to the NATAE newsletter : https://www.natae-agroecology.eu/know-us-more/

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