Two new Notes de Sud are now available!

Two new Notes de Sud are now available!

Coordination SUD‘s Agriculture and Food Commission (C2A) has published its last two “Notes de Sud”. These periodic notes are based on studies carried out by C2A members. Aimed at a wide readership, these notes deal with issues relating to agriculture and food.

“The socio-economic effects of agroecology” Notes de Sud issue 37

This note, published in March 2024, deals with the positive effects of agroecological systems and practices. It highlights the way in which these effects have a positive impact on the socio-economic and agri-environmental spheres.

Read the notes de sud #37

“Right to seeds: a fundamental human right for sustainable and equitable food systems” Notes de Sud #38

This note reminds us of the importance and urgency of ensuring that farmers have the right to choose the seeds they consider economically, ecologically and culturally viable, and to protect them from contamination by other genetically modified plants.

Read notes du sud #38

What is the Agriculture and Food Commission?

The C2A brings together international solidarity NGOs working for global food security, taking into account the future of farmers in the South.

Together, the members coordinate the work carried out by the participants and ensure that there is joint consultation so that its positions and work can be brought to the attention of social players and national and international political decision-makers.

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