Why a World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought?
banniere article sur la campagne de sensibilisation de la journee mondiale de lutte contre la désertification

Why a World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought?

17 June 2024 campaign: World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought

In 1992, the UN adopted the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD). The purpose of this day on 17 June is to remind us each year of the dangers of desertification and drought around the world. Each year, a specific theme is chosen.

In 2024, the theme of the World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought is: “United for the Earth. Our heritage. Our Future”. This theme seeks to highlight the importance of good land management, an essential resource for billions of people around the world. Caring for our land and acting to preserve it is a commitment we must all make, for ourselves and for future generations.

CARI’s awareness campaign explained

CARI has been involved in the fight against desertification for more than 25 years, and every year, in collaboration with the GTD, contributes to awareness-raising activities on 17 June. This year, the campaign ran daily on social networks between 1 and 16 June, with a series of visuals on the theme of desertification and drought, and ended on 17 June with the presentation of a final infographic.

Check out the visuals between 1 and 16 June in our resource centre.

  • Quotations: whether from great thinkers, personalities or professional representatives in the fight against desertification, there are many messages that either challenge certain directions taken today in the field of agriculture and the environment, or support the preservation of our planet and propose virtuous directions for sustainable development.
  • Key figures: the different themes linked to desertification, such as those linked to water, deforestation and land degradation in general, can be illustrated through key figures on a global or regional scale, as well as actions that are favourable to our planet. These figures come from scientific reports, experts’ work and real-life experiences.
  • Press cartoons: images have always been a powerful tool for attracting attention, illustrating a point and convincing people. As part of its efforts to combat desertification, CARI has organised press cartoon competitions to mobilise artists from all over the world around these themes, so that they can help raise awareness among as many people as possible. A selection of these drawings is used in the visuals.

What is the International Desertif’actions Summit press cartoon competition?

The aim of the drawing competition is to raise public awareness of the issue of land and soil
land and soil degradation through the medium of press illustration and its ability to highlight
complex issues.

  • 2022 edition
    • Theme : Earth and drought
      400 drawings received
      238 artists from 58 countries
      33 drawings selected
      2 winners
      1st prize: Victor Solí – Mexico
      2nd prize: Toso Borkovic – Serbia
  • 2017 edition
    • Theme : Land degradation and climate: Europe and the world face their final frontiers
      65 drawings received
      42 designers from 13 countries
      3 winners
      1st prize: “Earth, water, colours”. Manfruelli BATTI (“BaTTi”), France
      2nd prize ex-aequo: “Still life” Guy BADEAUX, Canada
      2nd prize ex-aequo: “Un nouvel Angélus” Robert ROUSSO, France
  • 2019 edition
    • Theme: Draw me the Great Green Wall!
      more than 30 artists
      33 drawings selected
      2 winners
      1st prize: Glez – Burkina Faso
      2nd prize: El Marto – Burkina Faso
  • 2015 edition
    • Theme : The earth’s climate
      80 drawings received
      44 artists from 20 countries
      33 drawings selected
      2 winners
      1st prize: Oleski – Ukraine
      2nd prize: Phil Umbdenstock – France

What is desertification? The 17 June infographic

Conceived as a summary of the messages conveyed by CARI through its visuals, this infographic also aims to show that everyone can take action at their own level. Through our lifestyle and consumption choices, but also on the basis of our production and action strategies in the field, and finally in our political orientations and priorities for action. Desertification and drought affect us all, in the North as in the South, and time for reflection is no longer enough – we have to act!

Contribute to this campaign by sharing your experiences

Convinced that everyone should feel concerned by the issues involved in combating desertification and drought, CARI likes to give a voice to those who wish to share their understanding, knowledge and experiences. In 2017, CARI asked Montpellier residents about their understanding of desertification and the issues involved.

Micro-trottoir – What does desertification mean to you? (only in french)

Today, CARI is asking you to share your experiences of action on social networks: what you are doing at your level to help halt desertification, the recommendations and messages you would like to share with your fellow citizens to spread the word…

Everyone can take action at their own level, and we think it’s important to make this contribution visible. So don’t hesitate, get involved in the fight against desertification and raise awareness of this global issue!

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