The CARI website gets a facelift for greater clarity!

The CARI website gets a facelift for greater clarity!

For this new year and to celebrate our 25th anniversary 🎊 the CARI website is getting a makeover! For several weeks now, we’ve been working with Damien Delhalle (web service provider) to completely rethink the site, which had become obsolete in terms of design, user experience and updating.

New design, new navigation, new content – everything has been reworked to offer a simpler, more complete site, providing clearer, easier access to information.

Well-defined sections presenting the association, the team, the missions, the partners and the networks to which CARI belongs provide access to information specific to the association!

Le GTD se lie au CARI

One of the biggest changes to the site is the redirection of the Groupe de Travail Désertification site to the CARI site.

Previously, the GTD (created and managed by CARI) had its own website. To strengthen the link between this network of players and CARI, and to facilitate understanding, it seemed obvious to us to bring the two together in the same place.

A rich source of information !

The resource center brings together a wide range of documents, from advocacy to guides on the themes of agroecology, oases and the fight against land desertification. The archives in this library are drawn from our own work and that of our partners.

Classification by category, type of document, year of publication, etc. makes it easy to search and/or find a document.

There are currently over 900 documents listed on this tool! These resource sheets need updating, some are not complete, they’re missing a banner or they don’t have a PDF to download. These updates will take several weeks to complete, so please be patient as the resource center becomes a must-have tool!

Learn more about CARI’s main productions !

While the resource center brings together documents published by partners and CARI, the “our productions” page only includes publications produced by CARI.

To facilitate access to information, it was essential to bring together advocacy, capitalization, awareness-raising and results documents in one place. These documents are intended for a wide range of audiences: development players, researchers or just the curious, this page is packed with archives accessible to all.

Une MAP pour y voir plus clair 

CARI operates in several countries in the South, so a list of countries doesn’t tell the whole story. A map gives you a better idea of our areas of action.

Each dot on the map represents a project, some of which span several countries. A classification by bilateral and multilateral projects helps to identify the project and its field of action. In addition, each project has its own “project sheet” page, detailing objectives, areas of intervention, duration, partners, etc.

News to keep you informed, and newsletters to keep you informed !

CARI’s news, projects and partners are published regularly! To simplify your search, a search engine sorts news by category.

Once a month, you can receive the CARI newsletter and/or the GTD newsletter.

The newsletter of the Centre d’Actions et de Réalisations Internationales relays CARI’s activities, information on our main themes and news from our partners.

The newsletter of the Groupe de Travail Désertification brings together information from the GTD and its members, news on the fight against land degradation and UNCCD follow-up.

As our audience is predominantly French and English-speaking, you can now choose to receive the newsletters in either French or English.

Remember to sign up at the bottom of the news page or on the home page.

Un espace dédié au recrutement pour plus de transparence !

It wasn’t always easy to find out whether CARI was offering jobs if you didn’t have social networks. Today, a space is dedicated to job offers.

During the year, the association recruits people to support the permanent staff and the Board of Directors, and this is where you’ll find offers of internships, civic services, jobs and so on.

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