Women’s initiatives fair in Atar
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Women’s initiatives fair in Atar

On March 8 and 9, the town of Atar hosted an event of major importance for the promotion of women’s initiatives, as part of the PROFOB project, financed by the European Union’s cooperation with Mauritania.

Organized under the aegis of the consortium of French and Mauritanian NGOs Cari, El Velah and Tenmiya, the fair brilliantly highlighted the decisive role played by oasis women in revitalizing the local economy.

Women’s initiatives fair in Atar: a catalyst for the economic empowerment of oasis women under the PROFOB project

Through the presentation of their diversified products, the women’s cooperatives demonstrated their ability to make a significant contribution to the region’s socio-economic development. The official visit by senior government officials and the round-table discussions underlined the strategic importance of these initiatives, and paved the way for further collaboration to empower women in the local economy.

The empowerment of women and their involvement in economic development are key elements for the sustainable growth of communities, and in particular for the preservation of oasis ecosystems. With this in mind, the Women’s Initiatives Fair in Atar represented a crucial step in showcasing the entrepreneurial potential of oasis women.

The impeccable stands of the women’s cooperatives offered visitors a captivating itinerary through the diversity of local productions, from dairy products to refined handicrafts and innovative initiatives around the processing of date products.

The exhibition was much more than just a commercial showcase; it was a living reflection of the know-how and determination of women to contribute actively to the development of their community.

The presence of the Wali, municipal representatives and members of the military administration, as well as national media coverage, conferred major institutional recognition on the fair. This recognition was a powerful incentive for women entrepreneurs, underlining the vital importance of their role in the local economic fabric.

The second day of the fair was marked by rich and stimulating round-table discussions. Experts, members of civil society and government representatives exchanged ideas and experiences on the challenges and opportunities for empowering women in the local economy. These exchanges will continue to guide the direction of the PROFOB project towards the establishment of a strong network to further support women’s entrepreneurship in Atar and surrounding regions.

The women’s initiatives fair in Atar was also a symbol of a collective commitment to women’s empowerment and local development. Oasis women proved that they are key players in economic and social progress. By continuing to invest in their potential and creating an environment in which they can flourish, they are helping to enrich the flourishing life in Atar for which the area is renowned.

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