AVACLIM: Review of activities in Morocco

AVACLIM: Review of activities in Morocco


Agrisud International is a French NGO that implements development projects in 15 countries – including Morocco – in partnership with local authorities and CSOs. These projects focus on the creation of small family businesses and farms, while promoting the agricultural transition to agro-ecology. 

The Norsys Foundation works to support the creation of agro-ecological initiatives through training and support programs lasting several years, with a global performance approach: economic through the development and securing of income, social through health quality and food safety, environmental through rational management of natural resources and, consequently, a reduction in the effects of climate change.  

In addition, the evaluation of agroecological initiatives was carried out in partnership with the Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique – Centre Régional De La Recherche Agronomique De Marrakech (INRA – CRRAM). 

Characterization of agroecological initiatives in Morocco 

During the first year of the project, the identification and characterization of agroecological initiatives led to the production of a total of 5 initiative sheets. These sheets present the background, context and development trajectory of the initiatives, as well as the main lessons learned with regard to the FAO’s ten elements of agroecology. 

Advocacy document in Morocco  

During the AVACLIM project, a partnership was developed between Agrisud International – Fondation Norsys and the Heinrich Böll Foundation, with the aim of funding advocacy expertise to enable the development of a national advocacy strategy in co-construction with the Avaclim Community of Practices, the production of three advocacy materials and the design of a position paper reflecting the positioning of members of the community of practice in relation to agro-ecology. This opportunity, fostered by the relationships developed between the stakeholders within the community of practice, enabled the development of relevant documents in favor of agroecology 

Find these documents : 

Organization of visits to agro-ecological sites for the benefit of the Moroccan community of practice: 

Due to travel restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the project partners decided to replace the international study tours with national experience-sharing activities. In Morocco, Agrisud International/Fondation Norsys decided to organize : 

  • A visit to the agro-ecological site of the PAPSA initiative “Projet d’Amélioration du Secteur Agricole dans la Commune de Ghassate”. Commune de Ghassate, Province de Ouarzazate; took place on November 1, 2022 in collaboration with the Office Régional de Mise en Valeur Agricole de Ouarzazate (ORMVAO), Agrisud-Fondation Norsys’ partner in the implementation of PAPSA. The day was attended by 62 people (including 27 women); and 
  • A visit to the site of an agro-ecological family farm in the northwestern palm grove of Marrakech was organized on December 26, 2022 for trainees from the Souihla Institute of Specialized Agricultural Technicians (l’ITSAS). It was attended by 50 people (including 14 women). 

Read the report about the visit to the agro-ecological site of the PAPSA initiative “Projet d’Amélioration du Secteur Agricole dans la Commune de Ghassate”.

Communication on project activities and results : 

As one of the AVACLIM project’s objectives is to disseminate its results and lessons learned in order to create more favorable conditions for the development of agroecology, Agrisud International and the Norsys Foundation have been working with local media to publicize the activities implemented. 

Following are some example of press articles about the National scientific workshop on the results of the scientific evaluation of agro-ecological initiatives :  

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